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E-Way bills may not be the best solution for small transport companies . As per the new tax reforms, Movement of goods worth more than 50, 000 will require the generation of E-Way bills. The generation will be initiated prior to the consignment via online registration. The entire process of bill generation shall include detail uploading on the GSTN portal. The supplier and the receiver can then be identified with the help of a unique e-way bill number. A new bill has to be generated by the transporter if the goods are transferred from one vehicle to another. The transporter needs to indicate the serial number of e-way bills generated in respect of each consignment when multiple consignments are to be considered. Although, the process seems to have no frills attached, it's a rather complicated one. There is no provision for a condition where goods carrying trucks suffer a break down. Also, technology cannot be relied on completely. Revenue secretary Hasmukh Adhia says that ample time will be given to the transport companies to adjust to the changes.
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